Behind the scenes at the IPCC

The 5th report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is being released, so Gen Anthro is breaking the hiatus to bring you a special episode. These two back-to-back interviews are with Chris Field and Thomas Stocker. Both scientists hold high-level positions within the IPCC. They cast light on the current state of climate science, the inner workings of the IPCC, and, as always, a bit on the Anthropocene.

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Chris Field
Professor Chris Field is the founding director of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology. His research emphasizes impacts of climate change, from the molecular to the global scale. Field has also been deeply involved with national and international scale efforts to advance science and assessment related to global ecology and climate change. He is co-chair of Working Group II of the IPCC.

Thomas Stocker
Thomas Stocker is a professor of climate and environmental physics at the University of Bern. He has been working as co-chair of the IPCC Working Group I since 2008. His research includes climate modeling and greenhouse gas reconstructions from ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland.


Aaron Strong
Aaron is interested in the controls and feedbacks of global change factors and the carbon cycle, in constraining and understanding the spatiotemporal variability of these dynamics, and how uncertainty about these mechanisms and their variability is treated by policies for accounting for flows of carbon across scales. He also studies the history, philosophy and sociology of the idea of anthropogenic impacts on natural ecosystems. His preliminary research focuses on continental shelf carbon cycling and the loss of carbon from terrestrial ecosystems through respiration and hydrological pathways.

Alena Giesche
Alena researches past climate and environmental impacts on pre-Colombian societies in the Bolivian Amazon. She is interested in communicating science research in new and creative ways. Alena previously studied environmental geology and dance at Middlebury College in Vermont.