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Interview: Christian Parenti

Capitalocene – maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but a group of thinkers argue the term is preferable to Anthropocene because it’s more diagnostic of what underlies our environmental problems. One of those thinkers is Christian Parenti, a reporter and scholar. In 2011 Parenti published Tropic of Chaos, a book about the connections between climate and conflict. More recently, he contributed to the book Anthropocene or Capitalocene? where he lays out the case for why the state is an environment-making institution, and why the state should be the entity we look to in order to start remedying environmental issues.

From startup to your dinner table

Co-founder of the Local Food Lab Krysia Zajonc makes her case for the crucial role of business within the sustainable food movement.  She also talks about the seeds of her business germinating in Costa Rica, some of the startups growing out of Local Food Lab, and takes time to address some of the frustrations people have with sustainable food.
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An entrepreneur’s approach to the Anthropocene

Debra Dunn discusses the (hopefully) changing role of the modern entrepreneur to one committed to positive social & environmental impacts in addition to profits.  She also addresses the increasing emphasis on the individual as opposed to the community and the sorts of problems this emphasis brings.  And finally, while reflecting on what she views as the greatest social injustices in the Anthropocene, Debra Dunn takes us to Cuba and the “grand egalitarian experiment” with some surprising revelations on culture, the arts and even the healthcare system.
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Building a sustainable future through business

Andy Hoffman talks about the necessity of “dark greens” and “light greens,” the waning meaning of environmental rhetoric, and the difficulties of forming a social consensus around climate change.
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The (slow) rise of sustainable energy

Sally Benson talks about the goals and recent accomplishments of Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP), the need to partner with industry, the hopeful signs of alternative energy development, and how her upbringing informed her sense of justice and optimism.
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