Category: Sea Level Rise

Wrapping our heads around geoengineering

Drift into the stratosphere as environmental engineer Granger Morgan explains how to use aerosols to control climate change and why he calls this a bit of a Faustian bargain.  He also discusses what position the States would have to find itself in to actually do this as he builds to the terrifying realization that an individual (or a nation for that matter) with a few billion dollars could make the unilateral decision to go ahead and change the climate.
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Earth’s Tipping Points & Abrupt Climate Change

Climate researcher and host of PBS’s Earth: The Operators’ Manual Richard Alley discusses abrupt climate variations in Earth’s history and what he defines as climate tipping points – leading to a discussion on whether or not Earth’s climate systems has dials, or switches.  He also addresses the socio-economic costs of climate change and why he’s optimistic about our energy future, with links to salted cod in the 1700s.  Alley also reflects on the role of scientists as advocates with some interesting implications for Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin.
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